Welcome to our shop.

Hi! We are the Shaoriffs.

Who We Are.

We are known as the artsy couple of North Houston amongst our family and friends. Our idea of a romantic date is either painting in the park or sitting at a coffee shop dreaming up business ideas. Recently, Mujtaba started his own art page, and I have been working on my graphic design business. I like to think that a part of the reason we fell in love is because of our passion for creativity and the excitement we share for building something of our own. While we have our own separate businesses, we wanted to create something together, as Shao-riffs. I like designing things and Mujtaba likes making things, which works out perfectly because he helps me bring my ideas to life. 

How it Started.

I have always loved graphic designing and digital art, so when we were getting married, I opted to steer away from the traditional Pakistani wedding invites and instead put my own personal touch to our wedding invite. Our wedding hashtag was "#MUJseShaadiKarogi", so naturally our invites had to be related to the Bollywood classic. The invites were a big hit, but I didn't think anything of it till almost 2 years later when I came across my wedding invitation again in my keepsake box. I fell in love with it all over again because it was so ME. It was my vision. My personality. And I had the complete freedom of making it personal and unique.

I want to be able to offer that freedom to other couples to unleash their inner creative and help them bring their vision to reality for their big day.

Hence, the birth of Knot Just Invites.

But It's Knot Just Invites.

With my love for design and Mujtaba’s engineering skills, the possibilities are endless. Just like the name suggests, we won’t just be doing custom invites. Our online store is going to be a hub for our creative minds. We will have everything from wedding invitations to greeting cards to Islamic home decor - and we promise everything will always be handmade with love.  

How to Reach Us.

We would love to hear from you! Feel free to reach out to us at salam@knotjustinvites.com whenever you like :) We are also on instagram @knotjustinvites.

Thank you for stopping by! :) 


Much Love,

Sakina Shariff & Mujtaba Shao